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BIOFACH 2017 - Cocktail party for PROCHIA Bolivia clients and partners

  • 2017-02-24


In 1977 was celebrated in the south of California in USA a race of 163 km. Between athlets from all around the world equipped with footwear and sportswear of the best brands, a group of competitors called the attention. It was a group of people from México, who was wearing sandals made by themeselves with abandoned tires and attached to the foot with cowhide straps. It would be one of them, a grandfather of 42 years old called Cirildo Chacarito the one who'll got the victory. He won with an advantage of more than half an hour over their competitors. Then, they found out he's secret! It was their diet, based on chia seeds and water. Who would said that 40 years later Bolivia is producing chia of the best quality, don't miss this opportunity and be in touch with us. We are PROCHIA Bolivia, we are your best choice.

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